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Last week we had the great pleasure of offering another weeks training for the Ministry Of Defence.

It is always lots of fun to work with a group that is totally committed to their own learning, and understands how that can then go on to benefit others around them.  This group of delegates once again didn’t disappoint as they played full out to grasp some new skills and tools, looking at the dynamics of communication, coaching, and supporting others to reach their maximum potential.

In the post-lunchtime slots (where delegates can be known to fall asleep!) the group had the opportunity to take part in activities using breakthrough metaphors such as Glass Walking, and Arrow Snapping With The Throat – but what’s to be gained from getting the military to take part in activities like these?

For this particular group, who support others to reach their full potential regardless of past situations, it’s massively useful for them to be fully connected with how it feels to overcome personal fears and barriers.  To remind these delegates of how it feels to believe something is impossible, but to commit to step up to do it anyway will serve them well as they work with their own clients, and encourage and empower them to take on things in life that they feel are impossible too.

On the day of the arrow snaps one particular soldier went green while waiting for his turn (I won’t mention any names!) but through his own persistence, and with a massive amount of encouragement from the other delegates, he stepped up and did it any way ~ for the whole group this experience will have a fantastic impact on their work….

  •  It will help to remind them of how it feels when you really believe you have to do something impossible.
  • It will assist them to connect with the whole range of emotions their clients will experience associated with committing to step through fear.
  • And it will serve as a reminder of what encouragement and support can help someone achieve.

If anyone had asked me five years ago for a reason to break an arrow with your throat I’d have laughed at them (to say the least!!), but now I see so many.  But of course, it’s not just down to me, the feedback from our participants is really important too

I have never felt so encouraged by anyone in my professional life.  I felt valued as an individual, and as a member of the group.  The training content was outstanding.  The tools, the practical skills, the space to reflect and work as a team, and have fun!

On another day during the week we had everyone walking across broken glass. For many this invokes instant heart racing, sweats, shakes and deep fear. We worry about hurting our feet. But surprisingly, after that first step, the crunch of breaking glass under your bare foot with your full bodyweight pressing down, guess what? No cut feet. We’re amazing at taking care of ourselves if we pay attention and broken glass does that! In fact, several participants asked us to make the walk longer so they could feel that freedom of total focus for longer.

We can’t wait to return to work with the military again later this year.

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