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According to PWC, there are nearly half a million cases of work related stress every year. This has resulted in around 12 million work days lost, costing around £29 billion a year. Wellbeing helps make people be more engaged and makes them more productive, which ultimately drives performance across teams.

Putting wellbeing, balance and resilience as core values in your strategic aims of your company builds passion for quality and productivity; for the long term. Whilst many businesses have shareholders to please on typically aggressive targets, you can’t build tenacity for achieving better business outcomes beyond the short term, unless the team are actively supported.

  • When was the last time you asked someone in your team if their child had a school play or sports day coming up and encouraged them to attend?
  • Do you know how much time has been spent by each person trying to hit your deadlines and what issues they have been facing getting the answers to questions from inside the organisation and outside?
  • What keeps them awake at night?

Inspire My Team, supports teams in companies, charities and government organisations with a customised approach to your leaders and teams’ wellbeing. We typically run a discovery workshop over a day or two with stakeholders. We then coach nominated individuals on a monthly basis. By sharing how to actively use a variety of techniques, improves leadership day-to-day – creating faster, deeper and happier results. We are objective in our coaching. bringing an inspiring mix of experiences from working around the World with many types of people. Using a diagnostic approach, leaders can identify cultural or personality challenges and use these insights to help their team work together more effectively. This in turn helps leaders deliver lasting, measurable change,

If you are reading this from a company undergoing significant change, maybe now is the time to ask yourself whether you have the support in place to help everyone grow and keep that  positive focus needed to perform under pressure.