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Testimonials from Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring Days

We have led training for several companies and a couple of them are featured here so you can see their testimonials about their experience.

Copas Partnership

We had the pleasure of leading a team day for 15 great people from The Copas Partnership. It’s a family-run business, based in Cookham in the heart of the Thames Valley, where the family can be traced back to 1698.Today the business is managed by Tom Copas’s son Tom and his three daughters Tanya, Fenella and Sarah.

Originally a farming enterprise, over the years the Partnership has evolved into a diverse rural business.

Army Welfare Service

We run Coach-the-Coach courses for the Ministry of Defence and the Army Welfare Service (AWS) on how to use life coaching with their service users from the Army and Navy. The courses last a week and are residential. The Army Welfare Service is the Army’s professional welfare provider; it delivers a comprehensive and confidential welfare service responsive to the needs of individuals and families and the Chain of Command in order to maximize the operational effectiveness of our servicemen and women.



In their own words…

Testimonial from Tom Copas, Managing Director, Copas Partnership

“We just had a great day with Chris and Lottie. It’s amazing how from just one phone call and not really knowing what I wanted to do with the day, that Chris and Lottie managed to structure a whole day and really developed a strategy out of what was really nothing essentially. It’s amazing that we can take away some core values of what all our team really believes in that we can put into the next year with some clear targets ahead.”

 Kat Beaver, British Army (2016 participant)

“Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you both”

Team Training Testimonial from Kat Beaver, British Army

Testimonial from Verity, Copas Partnership

“We’ve really enjoyed all the activities. It was really well structured in terms of the way each activity led onto another and we were able to take the learning from one activity into the next activity. I think it’s given a chance for all the individuals to bond and for their personalities to come out. I definitely think it’s given our company some really key goals and future aspirations to take away and over the next 12 months I really think we can put this into action.”

Testimonial from Kirsty, Copas Partnership

“Today was absolutely fantastic. We had a brilliant team day. We learned so much. Looking at our company values especially. Given so much thought amongst the team when we worked together and with those we don’t work so regularly with about communication. We had great fun on the treasure hunt. Everyone really pulled together. Lots of running around and giggling in the sunshine. So that was really good fun. It’s given the team a really good chance to bond and discuss ideas in an open forum which is a really nice thing to be able to do. I think we’ve learned so much that we can take back with us and put into effect around the office. Thumbs up, great day!”