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Supercharge your team

Unlock the unspoken thoughts that hold you back

It all starts with rumours and backstabbing

We’re all human and although we like inspirational leaders, the companies we and our leaders work for are often seemingly not playing fair! Why is that?

You know what it’s like when the head honcho decides “we’re taking the company in a new direction”, or “we’re going to transform the way we do things around here and it will be tough for a while, before we start winning the fruits of our labour”…yada yada blah blah. You listen and it all sounds like business word bingo…an unlikely story where getting a full house of happiness feels very unreachable and unlikely!

Rumours must be rumbled!

Teams talk – but maybe behind your back. Or your colleagues say negative things like “it will never work; it failed last time someone was brought in to shake things up”. Rumours are contagious and spread (mostly) untruths that lay a path of obstacles that remind you of the game show Ninja Warriors. Every step forward feels like you’re going to get mud on your face, or the wall ahead is too high to climb. I bet if you think for 30 seconds you can remember at least 2 or 3 rumours or words of negativity from your team or nearby departments?


It’s time to unlock the blame from the game

Here at Inspire My Team, we’ve come up with some insightful and fun ways to find out what’s stopping your team achieve its goals. We look at what you’re all ambitiously trying to achieve, how you communicate (or not), what your individual contributions are to the strengths and weaknesses of the team are and how by aligning your motivations as a collective, you can become the supercharged team you are capable of…

Team Development Workshops and Ongoing Support

Take a look at the example team development workshop days we run below, from a one day session through to regular ongoing checkpoint coaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things will we have to do?

You won’t have to do anything. But we will invite you to participate in activities like communication games, sharing your real thoughts, making some positivie choices and eating goodies we provide to keep you going!

Do I need to be fit?

Nope. Just participate. These opportunities don’t come up very often – to be wholly authentic and stop using bullshit excuses as to why things will fail.

What makes Inspire My Team unique?

We are happy to use metaphors like glasswalking to show you really can achieve things you didn’t imagine possible. Techniques like this and more conventional tools like our values elicitation brainstorm, are transformative for some and thought provoking for everyone.