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HR Professional – Is Your Team Building For Children?

A lot of people I know in HR tear their hair out when it comes to arranging a team building day.

They are expected to come up with an activity or idea that is going to be considered fun by all of the team, however diverse the group is. They have to consider everyone’s physical abilities, and timings for those that don’t always work full-time hours. Then they are constrained by a tight budget which usually means staying local.

And then, if they’re in the UK, they will often need a contingency plan to cover them for all weather eventualities… What a nightmare!

Not only is this type of team building a complete headache to arrange, they often end up being remembered for all the wrong reason. Half the day is regularly spent by most of the team checking their watches, waiting to see how long it is until everyone can head for the pub.

The reality is that clay pigeon shooting, segway riding, paint balling, high ropes, etc. Do very little for your team. They may tick the box of having completed a team away day, but in reality, all they often achieve is a dent in the budget, and some disgruntled team members who have failed to come up with a good excuse to get out of it. Nobody really wants to take part in team building for children.

Surely there has to be a better way?

When Chris and I are invited to join an organisation for their team building we take their investment very seriously. We ensure that their tailor-made programme is designed to enable them to use the day to create a great Return On Investment… We also take making sure it’s fun for everyone very seriously too!

Offering a wide range of activities from challenges, to wide games, to an unusual take on creating communication strategies that work, the team building packages we create are perfect for organisations that are in need of a bit of help with their change-management, as well as assisting organisations that have a slick operation already, just step things up a little – we all have room for growth and development within our organisations, and we help make that happen as part of a day that genuinely has something for everyone.

We also take on board that every organisation is able to make different sizes of commitment, that’s why we’re happy to offer the days in-house, or at our preferred venue of Missenden Abbey. The choice can be yours.

Earlier this year we joined The Copas Partnership for their Team Away Day – working with an organisation with such a product and geographical spread could have been a challenge, but once we’d had a chat with them we were able to put together the perfect day that delivered fun and insights both indoors and out, and of course gave the team some great new skills and food-for-thought to take forward. Here’s what their MD Tom Copas had to say about it

“We just had a great day with Chris and Lottie. It’s amazing how from just one phone call and not really knowing what I wanted to do with the day, that Chris and Lottie managed to structure a whole day and really developed a strategy out of what was really nothing essentially. It’s amazing that we can take away some core values of what all our team really believes in that we can put into the next year with some clear targets ahead.”

If you’d like a little help ensuring that your next team day isn’t for children, but instead has the ability to grow and inspire your team, while being lots of fun get in touch and we can have a chat about what it is you’d like to achieve and how we can support you to make that happen.